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AirlineFlight #Arriving FromETAStatusGate #
1768Wolf Point8:08 AM On Time B2
1762Havre8:14 AM On Time B2
1756Glasgow8:20 AM On Time B2
1750Glendive8:29 AM On Time B2
1778Sidney9:34 AM On Time B2
4914DENVER9:43 AM On Time A1
1780Sidney11:04 AM On Time B2
4445Salt Lake City11:15 AM On Time B1
4669Salt Lake City12:29 PM On Time B1
465DENVER12:50 PM On Time B4
2400Seattle3:31 PM On Time B3
1760Glasgow3:40 PM On Time B2
1766Havre3:44 PM On Time B2
1772Wolf Point3:53 PM On Time B2
1784Sidney3:58 PM On Time B2
1754Glendive4:04 PM On Time B2
4915DENVER4:42 PM On Time A1
4498Salt Lake City4:48 PM On Time B1
1788Sidney5:09 PM On Time B2
2406Portland5:59 PM On Time B3
5544DENVER7:09 PM On Time A1
1776Sidney8:29 PM On Time B2
1117Minneapolis/St. Paul8:54 PM On Time A3
1070DENVER9:17 PM On Time B4
4508Salt Lake City10:08 PM On Time B1
5564DENVER11:35 PM On Time A1
2302Seattle11:47 PM On Time B3

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